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Welcome to the Rowayton Parents Exchange! The RPE is a group of 200+ families with young children in Rowayton and neighboring towns. Joining the RPE grants you access to a variety of activities and events targeted for young children (mostly age 5 and younger) and adults alike. If you are new to the area, are pregnant, or have young kids, then please consider joining!


Registration for the 2023/24 Season will open this September! All current members and Rowayton residents are invited to register on September 1 at a reduced rate. Any new members are welcome to join on September 5. 


Feel free to email us should you have any questions about the upcoming season and how the RPE is adapting to our new environment.

We look forward to seeing you around town!


Becky McHardy & Brennan Murray


For the latest list of events, please be sure to check out our Event Calendar


Follow us on Instagram for photos of parents' events, announcements and updates!

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