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Registration for the 2023/24 Season is NOW OPEN!
Renew or register HERE
If you have membership questions, please email our Membership Coordinators.
The RPE is welcoming registration to all current members, Rowayton families, and local friends. 

Membership Dues

The RPE membership fee for the 2023/24 year is $225 for current and Rowayton residents. The fee will increase to $250 beginning on September 5. Your membership fee goes towards supporting all of the great activities and events that the RPE plans throughout the year. 

Once registered, please download the RPE app, Wild Apricot (the member app). The username and password are the same as you use for registration. This is how you will sign up for all RPE events!

Forgot your password? Reset it here.

To learn more about the RPE or provide feedback/suggestions:


You can also request more information with this form:

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