The Rowayton Parents Exchange, best known as the RPE, is an association of parents with young children that was formed over ten years ago with the aim of helping parents meet other parents in the area as well as engaging our children in fun and fulfilling activities. Now, RPE members include over 150 families (and growing!) who live in Rowayton and neighboring towns.  

Each month, we host events that appeal to moms, dads, couples, and children that range from coffee dates, crafts, music classes, gym excursions, nature walks, cocktail parties, full blown theme parties, and so much more. So whether you are parents of a newborn, new to the area, a stay at home parent, full time working parent, or somewhere in between, the RPE has opportunities for you and your family. 


To join the RPE, please register on Sept. 1st, or contact us at rowaytonparents@gmail.com for more information. Below is a list of our board members for 2018-2019:

Kim Manion

Julie Vincent

Emily Brown


Alison Stanley


Charlotte Lamb

Lauren Capen

Lauren Davis

Social Media

Meghan Shain


Meghan Shain - Co-Chairman

Alison Pontius - Co-Chairman

Events Committee

Robin Halsey

Jayme Saxe

Danielle Becraft

Medora Westcott

Ashley Fisher

Nick Young

Kay Garrett


Abby Lane

Community Coodinator

Nicholle Priola


Frequently Asked Questions ...



Q.   The RPE sounds great, how do I join?


Please click HERE to join.


Q.   Is there a membership fee?


The RPE membership fee for the 2019-2020 year is $200.  Your membership fee goes towards supporting all of the great activities and events that the RPE plans throughout the year.


Q.   How many families are a part of the RPE?


In years past, the RPE comprised 175 plus families in Rowayton and the surrounding areas of Darien, Norwalk and New Canaan.  


Q.   What types of events does the RPE organize?


Last year, the RPE organized events for kids at Green Moon, Tumble Jungle, the Darien Movie Theater (a free screening of everyone’s favorite, “Frozen,” on the big screen), JAM in SoNo, the Potting Shed, the Darien Nature Center, and many other locations.  In addition, we schedule a number of casual events including play dates at a member’s house, meet-ups at Stepping Stones and the Darien YMCA, morning coffees at Bayley Beach.


For the adults, we have organized a monthly Moms’ Night Out and Parents Nights Out.  We also try to organize two, large events each year that have included in the past a Prohibition Party, Summer Kick-Off BBQ, and a College Night at SoNo Fieldhouse (complete with bean bag toss, indoor soccer, and other college-themed games).


If you have an idea for an event, we would love to hear from you!  Email us at rowaytonparents@gmail.com


Q.   What time of day are events scheduled?


The RPE tries to schedule a mixture of events each month, including events that cover various age ranges (infant through pre-schooler) and events that are scheduled at various times throughout the week.  We schedule certain events in the morning that are geared more towards infants (for example, our new moms’ coffee) or afternoon events for older toddlers, pre-schoolers who might attend pre-school in the morning.  And, we typically schedule at least one weekend event during the month.


You may notice more events schedule as the weather turns colder and our events team recognizes the need for everyone to get out of the house and cure those winter blues!


Q.   Are the events free or is there a fee associated with them?


Thanks to the generosity of our amazing sponsors, fees collected from those that advertise with the RPE, and your membership dues, most of the RPE’s events are free to members.  There may be certain, special activities in which a nominal fee might be required by those attending.  In those instances, we will note that in the description of the event.


*Speaking of sponsors/advertisers, if you know of any organization or company that might be interested in sponsoring an event or advertising with the RPE, please feel free to pass along their information or to refer them to the RPE.


Q.   How I find out about events?


Aside from listing our events on this site, the RPE also circulate via e-mail a monthly newsletter in which we list the events scheduled for the month as well as weekly emails.  We also post events information (and updates) on our Instagram page. 


Q.   Is the RPE only for families new to town?


Not at all.  The RPE is open to all families in Rowayton and the surrounding areas of Darien and Norwalk with babies, toddlers, and pre-school age children.  Our members include families that are completely new to town to those that are veterans to the area.


Q.   I am a working mom, is the RPE really for me?


First of all, the RPE is an organization for families, and we schedule events each month that are geared towards parents, parents and children or just for children.  Our members include all size and shapes of families, including those with two working parents (and some of our board members are working mothers).  


While a number of events are scheduled during the week day, we aim to schedule at least one weekend event as well as one moms’/parents’ night out every month.  Additionally, please feel free to share the list of events with your sitter or caregiver and have them bring your children to the kids’ events that are scheduled throughout the week.


Q.   Are there events for dads?


As mentioned above, the RPE really is geared towards families, so we try to organize events that appeal to moms and dads alike.  That said, we realize that we may not have scheduled enough events that appeal to dads.  For the 2019-2020 year, we are hoping to schedule more events for the dads!  Keep a look out for upcoming events!

Q.   How can I get more involved?


The RPE is always looking for enthusiastic parents who not only want to reap the benefits of all the RPE has to offer but also want to get their hands a little dirty.  We plan a number of events throughout the year and always welcome parents to pitch in to help coordinate an event, to host one of our “adults only” cocktail events or to let us know if you have a special skill that we can monopolize (ahem ... leverage)!





The Rowayton Parents Exchange is an association of parents with young children that was formed over thirty years ago to welcome families new and old into our community. RPE members include over 100 families living in Rowayton and the surrounding communities of Norwalk, Darien and New Canaan.

To join the RPE, please go to the Join Us page to click the link to register and pay online or contact us at rowaytonparents@gmail.com for more information.


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