The Rowayton Parents Exchange, best known as the RPE, is an association of parents with young children that was formed over ten years ago with the aim of helping parents meet other parents in the area as well as engaging our children in fun and fulfilling activities. Now, RPE members include over 200 families (and growing!) who live in Rowayton and neighboring towns.  

Each month, we host events that appeal to moms, dads, couples, and children that range from coffee dates, crafts, music classes, gym excursions, nature walks, cocktail parties, theme parties, and so much more. So whether you are parents of a newborn, new to the area, a stay at home parent, full time working parent, or somewhere in between, the RPE has opportunities for you and your family. 

We have outlined our current plans for the season below, but will keep a close eye on the evolution of COVID and the Delta variant, and pivot accordingly. 


Membership: Registration will open on September 7th. Current RPE members (who live in all towns) will have the opportunity to renew their membership. New Rowayton families will also be able to join. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate new members from Darien and the surrounding towns. We love our neighbors, so please let us explain: 


The RPE was founded as a social outlet for Rowayton families with young children. Its popularity amongst Rowaytonites has steadily grown. This is a testament to our amazing board members who make fun stuff happen. It is also a reflection of the RPE’s unique proposition for newcomers in a small town without facilities like the YWCA running playgroups and wine taster events.


The past few years have seen an explosion in membership from neighboring towns, particularly Darien. We’ve embraced it, and it has facilitated an amazing integration between our neighboring communities. However, we’ve simply gotten too big. 


Our board members (27! rockstar volunteers), do not have the bandwidth to plan the number and scale of events necessary to accommodate the demand from our huge group. We’ve listened as members have expressed frustration about events filling up too quickly. We’ve listened as members have admitted to being intimidated by events where there are no familiar faces. We want it to be easy to bring your toddler to see Mr. Bungles. We want you to feel comfortable walking alone into a mom’s night out, knowing that you will likely see another active member that you are acquainted with.


While we love our out of town families, we are a Rowayton organization. Rowayton has graciously allowed us to utilize its incredible public facilities for countless events; our activity is very much centered around the Community Center, Bayley Beach and Pinkney Park. We have not been able to establish this close relationship with neighboring towns. We feel that it is unfair to continue using public venues that are supported by Rowayton residents’ tax dollars for a group that is now largely composed of non-residents. 


This being said, we want to strongly encourage active Darien members to start their own “chapter”. We are happy to share the RPE’s blueprint, and will help you get started. Please email RowaytonParents@gmail.com if you are interested, or have additional questions. 


Playgroups: We hope to continue creating smaller, intimate playgroups. A set of guidelines will be sent to each group to keep everyone safe. You will see the option to sign-up for playgroups on the registration page. 


In Person Events: We hope to continue these throughout the full season, following all CDC and state safety  requirements. We will notify members if this changes. 


Community: The RPE has always been committed to supporting our community, and that has never been more important than during these unprecedented times. In the event of a full shutdown due to COVID-19, your membership fees will go toward supporting our community via initiatives such as donating to local charities, providing meals to local schools in need, and giveaways for RPE members that engage local businesses. 


We look forward to getting to know you and providing you with fun and rewarding ways to safely make new friends and become better integrated into our amazing community!

To join the RPE, please register on September 7th, or contact us at rowaytonparents@gmail.com for more information.



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