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The Rowayton Parents Exchange, best known as the RPE, is an association of parents with young children that was formed over ten years ago with the aim of helping parents meet other parents in the area as well as engaging our children in fun and fulfilling activities. Now, RPE members include over 200 families (and growing!) who live in Rowayton and neighboring towns.  

Each month, we host events that appeal to moms, dads, couples, and children that range from coffee dates, crafts, music classes, gym excursions, nature walks, cocktail parties, theme parties, and so much more. So whether you are expecting, parents of a newborn, new to the area, a stay at home parent, full time working parent, or somewhere in between, the RPE has opportunities for you and your family. 


Membership: Registration will open on September 1st. Current RPE members and Rowayton residents are invited to renew or join on September 1. New families will be able to join on September 5th. Please check our Join Us page and click on the link to register.

Playgroups: We hope to continue creating smaller, intimate playgroups. You will see the option to sign-up for playgroups on the registration page. 


In Person Events: We create lively, fun, and engaging events for kids and parents each week. Events are posted on our Wild Apricot app, you can sign-up for each event there.


Community: The RPE has always been committed to supporting our community. We are always looking for more ways to engage with those in need inside and outside our community.


We look forward to getting to know you and providing you with fun and rewarding ways to safely make new friends and become better integrated into our amazing community!

To join the RPE, please register in September, or contact us at for more information.

2023- 2024 BOARD MEMBERS


Becky McHardy

Brennan Murray


Ilana Calby

Mary Nevin Gauthier

Events Co-Chairs

Kristen Misiolek

Tricia Bailey


Emelyn Northway


Anna Powers

Communications Committee

Tory Lariar

Mallory Consonary

Julia Bain

Events Committee

Katie Healey

Kelsey O'Conner

Libbet Baginski

Meg O'Neil

Kim Wilson

Patty Pambiachi

Emily Kutcha von Uffel

Hannah Stanco

Cherayne Metz

Hayden Thorstenson

Meagan Sibbald

Jackie Figureido

Abby Suquet 

Lauren DesRochers

Haley Cozza

Colleen Laporte


Playgroup Chair

Merri Gruesser 

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