The Rowayton Parents Exchange, best known as the RPE, is an association of parents with young children that was formed over ten years ago with the aim of helping parents meet other parents in the area as well as engaging our children in fun and fulfilling activities. Now, RPE members include over 200 families (and growing!) who live in Rowayton and neighboring towns.  

Each month, we host events that appeal to moms, dads, couples, and children that range from coffee dates, crafts, music classes, gym excursions, nature walks, cocktail parties, theme parties, and so much more. So whether you are parents of a newborn, new to the area, a stay at home parent, full time working parent, or somewhere in between, the RPE has opportunities for you and your family. 


Update on COVID: Our board has been working diligently to create ways to adapt to the ever changing state requirements and guidelines in order to make the RPE as special and fun as it always has been, while keeping our members and communities safe. Below, please find an overview of our current plans for the year.  Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.  


Membership: When you register for the 2020/21 season we will be asking for some information that will help us understand what our members would like to see and comfort levels for different events. We will also ask that you sign a Covid waiver when registering.

Playgroups: These are an RPE favorite! We hope to continue playgroups, with a few necessary changes. Groups will be limited in size and curated based on children’s age(s). A set of guidelines will be sent to each group to keep everyone safe.

In-Person Events: We hope to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather to plan some outdoor in-person events. These events will be strictly limited in size and follow social distancing protocols. 


Virtual Events: In the colder months, we are hoping to bring you some fun virtual events! Some thoughts on these include wine tasting, cooking classes, music classes, workshops (parenting, healthy eating, decorating, etc.).

Community: The RPE has always been committed to supporting our community, and that has never been more important than during these unprecedented times. We plan to continue this support through initiatives such as donating to local charities, providing meals to food insecure children, and local business giveaways for RPE members. 

We look forward to a fun and unique season, and ask you to bear with us as we navigate these uncertain times.  We will do our best to keep you updated as things change throughout the RPE season. 

To join the RPE, please register on September 1st, or contact us at rowaytonparents@gmail.com for more information.



Danielle Becraft

Ashley Fisher


Secretary/New Member Coordinator

Lauren Morrell


Emily Brown

Lawrie Givner


Lauren Davis

Michelle McNeill


Kathleen Leuthold


Community Support

Danielle Herzlich


Social Media

Meghan Shain

Events Co-Chairs

Courtney Fay

Colleen Thompson

Events Committee

Ashley McCreath Diamond

Kay Garrett

Veronica Lamendola

Armel Jacobs

Allie Pontius

Meghan Shain

Medora Westcott

Nick Young



Courtney Osgood

Caroline Verrone


Community Liaison

Nicholle Priola