Local Preschools


Community Cooperative Nursery School 
Website: http://www.ccnsct.com 
Contact: Tracy King, Director at 203-866-2184, or toking@optonline.net


Five Mile River Nursery School 
Website: fivemilerivernurseryschool.com and our Facebook Fan Page 
Contact: Lauriston Avery, Director at 203-838-4266 or 5milerns@gmail.com


Temple Shalom
Website: http://templeshalomweb.org 
Contact: Stacey Cohen, Director at at 203-866-0148 or execdir@templeshalomweb.org


United Church Nursery School

Website: www.unitedchurchnurseryschool.org 
Contact: Paula Keller, Director, at 203-853-3554, or director@unitedchurchnurseryschool.org.

Applications are available online by clicking on the enrollment tab, or by contacting the school directly.